Our Mantle in Wisconsin

For years we had a problem with the mantle of our fireplace. Sometimes if you wait long enough, and the concept is always in the back of your head, things work out. We found the painting at an antique shop in Wisconsin, we came around a corner in a musty basement and found this painting for $12.00, yup you heard me right $12.00. Getting it home was a task since it didn’t really fit in the car, but it fit perfectly above our fireplace. Then came the lamp, which was purchased at the Christian Thrift Store in Wabeno, WI for $3.00, kitchy but in this spot it was perfect. The little Chinese vase was purchased at Family Dollar store for a dollar. The moose was a purchase in CA and when we brought it to WI it seemed he didn’t live here until he found the fireplace. Ahhh all was good. Last but most precious is two perfect rocks. My bachelor Uncle Max was one of the most dear persons in my life. He found the dark brown rock on Washington Island and was always looking for it’s companion. I spent miles walking the beaches of Santa Barbara with him only to his refusal of my finds. Years after his death I found the perfect companion rock. They rest together on our mantle, I know he would approve, and it gives us a great deal of joy.

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    1. Hi Mooneen, I’m bad, moose is not actually on mantle he’s under mantle, directly between rocks and books. He’s black and made of iron. Geeez, I’ve created where’s Waldo!!! Love you, Laura

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