Cindy retired from her job in the maximum security prison in Green Bay WI having worked there for 42 years!. I was always supremely concerned at how dangerous her job was. Now I have exhaled, knowing she will be safe. Cindy and John are our next-door neighbors (at the lake house in Townsend) and best friends. Cindy threw herself a retirement party and invited us along with about 100 of her other best friends. So we drove over to Green Bay. The main attraction of the party was she was serving Booyah, which is a thing in Wisconsin. It is a soup consisting of chicken, and a whole lot of other vegetables. There is do definitive recipe for Booyah, everyone makes it differently. But this was excellent. The picture is Cindy’s bother Tim stirring the Booyah with what amounts to a stainless steel canoe paddle. The pot (which holds about 20 gallons) is sitting in a 55 gallon oil drum with a wood fire in the bottom. They started cooking at 5:00AM and the party started at noon. You could say the soup was well-done and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Happy Retirement Cindy,

Jody and Laura

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  1. Don’t know where Jim Cramer got the phrase, but the definition is:
    used to express joy, especially over a well-played or victorious moment in sports.

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