Booyah, Boards, and Bigley

Having driven through the little town of Laona for years, today we parked and set out on foot to explore the neighborhoods. Found lots of interesting things, but here are three we thought might interest you. As you can see this is the worlds largest soup kettle. On August 5 they are having their Community Soup event. Everyone has to contribute to the soup called Booyah. Simply put everyone’s chicken soup recipe thrown together. In the summer, every community fair offers Booyah. Due to the size of the kettle, we hope Laona has a very very big community!


Wisconsin was built on cheese, beer and wood, so not a surprise to discover¬†Nicolet Hardwoods Corporation headquarter’s building; so charming. On the way home we had to turn in on Trump Lake Road. Trump Lake was “HUUUGE” ¬†and we liked it “BIGLEY.”


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