And Give Us our Daly…

No it’s not a misspelling. Jim and I were sitting at the bar after a miserable round of golf. We play at McCauslin Brook here in Wisconsin and they give golfers a half-priced drink after a round. I think they practice this because it removes the sting of a bad day on the links. Heard a gentlemen order a “John Daly!” What? After some research, drink was named after famous golfer, John Daly. I have never heard of this drink (or the golfer) before so I watched the bartender make this cocktail. Holy Cow, 3 generous shots of vodka and a mere whisper of iced tea and lemonade; essentially a very alcoholic Arnold Palmer. The dude ordered two to take on the course for refreshment during the game. Sooooo… glad we had finished our game and were in the safety of the club house with a roof over our heads. Fore!

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