Freezer Clearing

We are getting ready for our annual trip to Wisconsin where we have a small house on a lake and where Laura’s mom (Elfrieda) lives. Because we will stay for several months, we are trying to use up as much as we can of the accumulated stuff in the freezer. Last night we came across two small top round steaks. We thought Beef and Broccoli (no, just had broccoli the other night.) Basil Beef (no, have to buy too much basil, we’ll never use it all.) Satay Beef (YES! We have everything we need in the pantry.) Plus, we had some nice fresh asparagus in the fridge. We made white rice, easy peasy. ¬†We had a great meal.
P.S. The picture above is not our freezer, we pulled it off the internet for visual effect.

Here are the recipes:

Satay Beef

Satay Sauce

Stir-fried Asparagus

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