Lettuce be Frank

“Thank you salad spinners for giving lettuce one last ride before the end!”
– Jimmy Fallon

Now that we are getting into the summer months, our thoughts have returned to gardening. We’ve lived in Colorado & Massachusetts and always had a garden. Our first attempt was in Colorado where (due to multiple hail storms) we harvested one green bean, seriously ONE green bean. Fortunately we got better as time went by. In New England, people take their gardening very seriously, We were the only people that owned a rototiller, so in the spring, we, miraculously, became everyone’s best friend. Here in California, we live on a steep mountainside and have no space for a garden, or so we thought. This year we stopped thinking about a garden in the conventional sense. We squeezed a few tomato plants in among our bushes on the southern slope and planted some lettuce in pots, which are actually on the north side of our house. So far all plants are happy. As we write this, we have been eating our home-grown lettuce, yummy! Dress it lightly with a high quality olive oil and vinegar.


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